Property Details

E-2A/1 Community center Sec E Shastripuram Yojna

Auction Start Date: 2022-06-17
Auction End Date:   2022-06-27
E.M.D Amount Rs:   4107000.00
Base Amount Rs:     41072000.00

Participate Auction

This is a Commercial Plot for community center, Block E ,the number is E-2A/1 size is 1208 sqmtr, situated at Shastripuram yojna . The price is Rs 34000 per sqmtr whereas the EMD amount is Rs 4107000/- (Rupees Forty one lakh seven thousand only) this is an refundable amount. You can place your bid for this property after depositing the EMD, The bid can be changed /updated at any time on or before the closing date of the auction of this property.