Property Details

E H -6B Block D Shastripuram Yojna

Auction Start Date: 2022-06-17
Auction End Date:   2022-06-27
E.M.D Amount Rs:   30683000.00
Base Amount Rs:     306832660.00

Participate Auction

This is a Commercial Plot for School , the number is E H -6B size is 9024.99 sqmtr, situated at Shastripuram yojna . The price is Rs 34000 per sqmtr whereas the EMD amount is Rs 30683000/- (Rupees Three crore six lakh eighty three thousand only) this is an refundable amount. You can place your bid for this property after depositing the EMD, The bid can be changed /updated at any time on or before the closing date of the auction of this property.